Sun Cellular Plan Application Requirements – How to Apply Sun Postpaid Plan

Need to apply  Sun Cellular  postpaid plans? Posting here all the requirements needed to apply for Sun Cellular postpaid plan. All you need to do is complete all the requirements an…

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Need to apply Sun Cellular postpaid plans? Posting here all the requirements needed to apply for Sun Cellular postpaid plan. All you need to do is complete all the requirements and must agree Sun Cellular’s terms and conditions on all their Postpaid Plans.  Sun Cellular offers affordable plans on call, text, surf, tablets, mobile phone and broadband kit. They also offer promos on their postpaid plan subscribers to enjoy a low rate plan. If you are planning to apply Sun postpaid plan you can use the how to and requirements below in applying any Sun Cellular postpaid plan like Sun Plan 250, 350, 450, 600, 799, 999, 1500, 1699, 2499 and 2500. You may continue reading below on how to apply Sun Postpaid Plan and list of requirements.
Sun Cellular Plan Application Requirements

How to Apply Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan – Application Requirements

Subscription Application Requirements:

II. VALID ID - Any of the following may be submitted:

Philippine Passport*
Philippine Driver's License
SSS / GSIS ID with picture (ATM card type)
TIN ID with picture (ATM card type)
Company ID (only for Top 5000 Corporations)
Locally-issued Major Credit Card
Membership Card with picture (Exclusive Clubs only) with picture
Professional Regulatory Commission's (PRC) ID
Integrated Bar of the Philippines
ACR I-Card - required for foreign nationals (IBP) ID


Option 1: Proof of Billing & Proof of Income

Any one of the following (most recent and paid if already due) may be submitted:

Utility Bill (Electricity, Telephone, Water, Major Cable/Internet) with at least P2,000 for the Electric Bill and P1,500 for Telephone, Water, and Major Cable/Internet**.
Credit Card Statement***
Bank Statements (mailed)
Exclusive Club Membership Bill
Notarized Lease Contract
Insurance Premium Statements of Account


Any of the following may be submitted:

Last two (2) months Credit Card Statements*** (paid if already due) with CL of at least P25,000**** (when applying for Plan 350).
Latest Income Tax Return / BIR Form 2316 with Payslips of the last two (2) half-month pay periods.

a) Basic Gross Annual Income of at least P120,000**** (when applying for Plan 350).
b) Present O/R to show payment of tax due, if any.
Newly-issued Certificate of Employment and Compensation with payslips:

a) Issued by the company's HRD reflecting the employee's income components, tenure, position and department.
b) Latest Payslips of at least two (2) half-month pay periods reflecting a basic monthly income of at least P10,000****( when applying for Plan 350).


Account must be current with no overdue balance or paid if already due.

The Subscriber must have been with the competitor network for at least six (6) months at the
time of application to Sun Cellular.
Sun Cellular reserves the right to request for additional requirements if deemed necessary.
All documents presented must be original.


* Newly issued passports (since Sept 2007) must be submitted with another ID with signature.
** No minimum requirement if it will be used as POB only; if it is used as POI,
consider minimum amount requirement.
*** For Sun Shops only, credit card may be presented in lieu of statements.
**** The amount may vary depending on the plan being applied for.
This is subject to Sun's credit evaluation.

Sun Cellular Terms and Conditions

For Blackberry, see here.

For status of your Application requirements, you can call or visit your nearest Sun Shop. For problems and other concerns you can also follow their 24/7 online Customer Service  account Twitter.

For Sun Postpaid Online Applications visit here.


  1. Anonymous4/12/2013

    for proof of billing can i do have only my coe with salary indicated but we dont have our pay slip.can i still apply for the 999 plan and have the phablet samsung grand?my salary is 15k per month and with 2k montly allo as well.
    please reply to this message

  2. ,,ask lang po ok lang po ba kahit proof of billing lang ang meron pero 2 klasing proof of billing siya..para makakuha ng plan 350

  3. ok lang po na proof of billing lang ung meron meron,,hindi kc namin alam kng pano magiging proof of income ung house rental nang mother ko,,proof of billing lang meron sya para makakuha ng plan 350..please reply

  4. Anonymous5/25/2013

    is it ok if i get a plan 1500 and i have a 12k basic pay that does not include my insentives? please reply ASAP

  5. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Is this offer still available??

  6. Anonymous6/12/2013

    ask ku lang po if cash pong ku2nin ung plan 450 mgkano po?

  7. Anonymous6/12/2013

    wat if po kung ang friend ko po ang mg aavail ng plan450 pero ako po ang pupunta't kukuha ng ina avail niya pwde po ba yon?

  8. Anonymous6/13/2013

    ask ko lng poh kng mag paplan ng 1599,..ung husband ko kc nkaplan sa sun ng 350..pede bah convert un sa plan 1599..mag pprocess pah rin bah kmi ng another requirements,,kng nkplan nah cia sa 350,,.

  9. Anonymous7/09/2013

    paano po kung wala akng proof of billing.pero may work ako as a family driver. ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin.?

  10. Anonymous7/17/2013

    Pano po kapag meron pong proof of billing kaso wala po nung proof of income since nasa abroad mommy ko? Pano po yun kase gusto ko po kumuha ng plan?

    1. Anonymous8/18/2013

      if ur mom deposits the money every month on a savings account.. you can present that as a proof of billing.. but if she does it like money gram well that"s a diff thing..

  11. Anonymous7/18/2013


  12. Anonymous8/29/2013

    last time i went sm sunshop..sabi ng isang staff they need only a job contract of my husband or passbook,but only i have are ML kwarta padala receipts.

  13. Anonymous9/16/2013

    ano po requirements sa sun postpaid plan 450, kung ang ggmitin ay credit card?

  14. Anonymous10/09/2013

    pwd ba makakuha ng sun plan even if im not regular?

  15. Anonymous10/09/2013

    how tenure should i be in a company before i can get a plan.

  16. Anonymous10/13/2013

    what about for the plan 450 how much is the required monthly income. please reply. thank you so much

  17. Anonymous10/13/2013

    sun grop plan 999 ,bakit wala pa po kame ttawag na n
    tangap .nag submit na po k2me ng mga requirments.

  18. pwede po ba maka avail ng plan 999 yung grand duos po tapos ang proof of billing is credit card statement. and may valid id's naman kahit wala na po bang proof of income kapag ganun ok lang

  19. Anonymous11/04/2013

    ask ko lang po if nag rent po ako ng house ano po ang supporting doc pala sa proof of billing ko po and how many working days bago ma approve ang plan ko also if two plan po ang kokonin ko ok lng po ba yon?ang plan po sanang kokonin ko is plan 1559 at 940 basic ko po is 23k + 5000 insentives?

  20. Anonymous11/09/2013

    Hi! paano po kung nakikitira lang ako dito sa relatives ko sa city dahil nandito ang work ko? I do have my valid ID and proof of income. What can I present as proof of billing? Please help advise. Thank you! :)

  21. Anonymous11/14/2013

    Kung magbbayad ba ng Cash-out, mas madali ang approval process? o pareho lang?

  22. Anonymous12/01/2013

    when po makukuha ang phone?

  23. Anonymous12/03/2013

    hi!askkolang po willing po sna ang mr ko mg apply ng plan kso OFW po sya mgpa2sa po sya ng requirements online pro ako po sna n mrs nia ang mg claim d2 spilipinas.pwedepoba un?tnx!

  24. 6th Day na po ngayon mula nung nag-apply ako for Plan 450, according to the staff mga after 2 to 3 days pa yung result. bakit wala pa pong notification hanggang ngayon?

  25. Anonymous5/09/2014

    i am presently a public servant (kagawad) with an honoraria of 12k and receiving at least 35k allowance from abroad since 1994 until now.presently i am a pldt subscriber but wanted a sun phablet in postpaid plan. how do i go on with availing ?

  26. Anonymous5/13/2014

    ma disapproved ka rin, ako nga dito sa koronadal city im applying postpaid 450 with honest requirements, 40+ salary and PLDT DSL with phone line, na disapproved nga yung application ko.

  27. Panu po un gs2 ko po sna mg plan ng samsung note 2,eh 10k lng a month ang basic salary q

  28. Anonymous6/01/2014

    i doubt it @janice. my wife's salary is 50k+ she applied for two plan 999's just for a galaxy grand and was disapproved. we really don't know their reason behind it.

  29. Anonymous6/23/2014

    ilang months po ung plan?

  30. Anonymous9/03/2014

    ano po ung requirements for students??

  31. Anonymous12/09/2014

    Can I ask po, pwede po mag apply ang student sa Sun Plan 450 Sony Xperia E1? If yes po, what are the things I need to comply to avail this po? Thankyou

  32. Anonymous2/04/2015


    Mas madali ma-approve ung application nyo kung gagamit kayo ng credit card, based from my experience, nagpunta ako sa sun shop, ang dala ko lang nun ay yung credit card ko at mga id's (no proof of billing and proof of income), may pinafill-upan saking form, iindicate nyo dun ung dalawang number ng kakilala nyo para sa ma C.I. nila, tapos tinanong kung may credit card ako, i said yes, meron po, then my pina fill-upan ulit sa akin na form, after nun nilabas na ung unit na pinili ko which is Starmobile Play and Starmobile Engage 7+, after that, iiswipe na ung credit card nyo at ready for release na ung unit nyo.

  33. Anonymous2/10/2015

    PWEde po ba mag avail ng plan sa sun ..kahit atm lng meron ako .. ? Alotment ko po kasi sa husband ko 150$.kasi di pakami kasal.. Ty

  34. Anonymous3/08/2015

    panu po ako kukuha ng plan na 600 ang requerments ko lg po ai id. voters at i.d. ko po dto sa resort at stayin na kme dto sa amo ko na kapangalan ang meralvo bill at wifi bill nito eh gusto ng amu kong i plan namin ang simcard na gamit na min sa mga customer pwede po ba un. simcard lng po ito wala na po ung pinag kakabitan ng sim!!

  35. Ung friend ko wrming has a maid gusto ny mg avail postpaid worth.350 ung salary nya 9 k single sa wl sng proof of biling tin id at smartmoneycard meron siya.please help her she wanted to hve a postpaid plant in 10 years nsa amo nya wrk has a maid..

  36. Anonymous5/01/2015

    If I already a postpaid plan and I want to get another plan, what are the requirements

  37. Anonymous5/12/2015

    Pwd ba kumuha ng plan sa sun kht walang coe

  38. Anonymous6/05/2015

    Pwede po bang mag-apply yung student? at ano po yung requirements?

  39. Anonymous7/28/2015

    ask ko lang po kung para saan yung binayaran ko na P250 na unlitext to allnet? para sa sim lang po ba yun? nag-appy kasi ako khapon (July 27,2015). nagbayad ako ng P250, at ang sabi may marereceived ako na bill next month (August). kaya iniisip ko na baka sa sim lang yung P250 na binayad ko. parang initial cash out lang din para makapag-avail ng P250 plan unlitext to allnet. thanks.

  40. magkano dpat ang salary if mag apply ako sa PLAN 999 ??salamat :)

  41. Anonymous1/22/2016

    Ask lng po ako if halimbawa apply ako today ng plan 599,mga ilang days po bago ilang days din po bago makuha ung unit

  42. Anonymous2/25/2016

    Applied for plan 599 ang daming requirements through regular application, 3~4 weeks daw ang processing and approval pero kapag mag cash-out ng Php 2,700 mai-uwi mo agad ang unit.

    Meron nang COE and contact info sa employer segurista pa rin ang SUN. Ammend your advertisement na 2 valid ID's lang.. dapat sabihin nyo CASH-OUT na lang. DECEIVING TALAGA MARKETING STRATEGY NG SUN CELLULAR.

  43. Anonymous5/01/2016

    Pwede po bang mag apply ang student?

  44. Pwed po mag apply ng plan kahit walang payslip o itr ??


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