Smartnet App Free Download for Android and iOS to get Smart Free Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Services

Download this free application from Smart Comunications to enjoy a free mobile internet access to Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Services on your Android phone and iOS device. You can also enjoy chatting with your social friends in Facebook and Yahoo using Smartnet App.  Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo OMG, Yahoo Search and Yahoo Messenger are also free when you use the app. Download Smartnet App by Smart and continue reading below.

Smartnet App Free Download for Android and iOS

Smartnet App Free Download for Android and iOS

Smartnet App for Nokia or Java capable phone just go to your default web browser and type to use the application.

Download links:

Google Play Store - Android devices
Apple App Store - iOS devices

Issues and feedbacks using Smartnet App (from Google Store)

"Gene Earl Pono - February 4, 2013 - HTC Sensation 4G with version 10.0.0
Needs a lot of improvements.
Good coz it's free. But it doesn't update FB newsfeed even if I'm subscribed to a data plan. Does it only update through WiFi? I'm confused. :/ please fix this. Otherwise a good, free app. :)"

"A Google User - July 24, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Y
Love it
Nice.. To register turn wifi off 1st then use GPRS.. After registering u can now switch to wifi or GPRS for future connection"

"A Google User - June 23, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Mini
Keeps on saying "Uh oh, something went wrong" blah bla. Its a total crap. Pwe! Uninstall."

"A Google User - September 25, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Mini
Okay 1 because its free. Its very glitchy.. Annoying sometimes.. There' lots of bugs. And it eats up large part of the memory. Plus its taking a while.for.the dvelopers to update it when they know theres a lot to improve."

You may find more user reviews, feedback and comments of Smartnet App here or you may read FAQs on how to use Smartnet App by Smart.


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    isn't the app available for symbian too?


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