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How to Prevent Blog Comment Spam in Blogger or Blogspot

Here’s a simple tips on how to stop or prevent spam comments which I practice since I started blogging on Blogger . When my blog had posts on homepage , few visitosr started viewing…
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Here’s a simple tips on how to stop or prevent spam comments which I practice since I started blogging on Blogger. When my blog had posts on homepage, few visitosr started viewing those articles I write. I was annoyed with blog comments they left that contains a href tag that advertise posters site URL. This is just a simple and easy to know if the posted comment is a spam that contains link to other sites. As Google owns Blogger you can now easily moderate spam comments by just logging in your Blogger account that is associated by Google Gmail email account.  To help you figure out what I am trying to explain you may continue reading below on how to moderate spam comments in just a few steps.

How to Prevent Blog Comment Spam in Blogger

Steps on how to prevent blog comment Spam in Blogger or Blogspot

Being on a Blogger or a Blogspot hosted blog you are required to use Google email account for you to create a Blogger blog.

1. First is to login your Blogger account
2. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Post and Comments’
3. On ‘Comments’ section  look for ‘Who can comment?’
On ‘Who can comment?’ you can decide if you allow ‘Anyone’ including Anonymous users, Registered User includes OpenID, User with Google Accounts or Only Blog members.

If you want to easily interact with your readers, you can allow ‘Anyone’ including Anonymous users to leave message on your comment box. Of course be ready to moderate those spam comments later. Other options required to register an account also lessen spam comments.

4. On ‘Comment Moderation’ select ‘Always’ to moderate posted comments before being published to your blog.

5. Below ‘Comment Moderation’ you can see ‘Email moderation request to’ field, this is the key to your problem about spam comments. Input you Blogger account email to moderate first the comments that contains ‘a href’ tag. Use your account email to easily access and moderate comments while you logged on your Blogger blog.

Why not use ‘Comments’ moderation on Blogger dashboard?

Blogger dashboard does not perfectly detect a spam comment that contains ‘a href’ tag and based on my experienced comments that contain a plain text URL will be detected by Blogger as a Spam comment.

6. Last is ‘Show word verification’ choose ‘Yes’ this will also help lessen spam bots.

7. Click Save Settings.

Start moderating your blog comments. Go to Gmail account before publishing any post comments to moderate first all those comments that contains URL link. Happy blogging.