Globe Tattoo Maxsurf Promo – A Volume Based Internet Browsing on your Globe Tattoo Broadband

Globe Maxsurf is another internet browsing promo from Globe Telecom that offers volume based, you can enjoy browsing without worrying how many minutes/ hours it takes reading a webpage. Maxsurf promo only uses per KB and MB based browsing where bandwidth of loaded web pages and downloaded files is summed up to reach your allocated volume. Globe Tattoo Maxsurf offers 3, 5 and 15 days internet browsing with corresponding bandwidth limit in each Maxsurf promo offers. Continue reading below on how to register Globe Prepaid Maxsurf promo.
Globe Tattoo Maxsurf Promo
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How to register Globe Tattoo Prepaid Maxsurf Promo

In case Globe Tattoo Maxsurf browsing promo cannot cater your browsing needs, you can go for unlimited internet browsing using your mobile phone or USB broadband modem. Want to try Globe SUPERSURF promo?

See: Globe Unlisurf or SUPERSURF promo.

Let's go back to Maxsurf promo, to register just text the keyword or code to 8888: 

700 MB for P100
Validity:  Valid for 3 days
Text MAXSURF100 to 8888

1200 MB for P170
Validity:  Valid for 5 days
Text MAXSURF170 to 8888

3500 MB for P500
Validity:  Valid for 15 days
Text MAXSURF500 to 8888

To check your MAXSURF status
Just text MAXSURF STATUS to 8888

To stop MAXSURF Promo subscription
Just text MAXSURF STOP to 8888

For more details about Maxsurf Promo just text MAXSURF INFO to 8888 or you can visit here.