Sun Easy Broadband 899 Postpaid Plan - Get Unlimited Internet for P899 a Month

Sun Cellular offers another broadband plan called Sun Easy Broadband 899 where you can get unlimited internet browsing for 899 pesos a month.  Sun Easy Broadband is the easiest plan Sun Cellular because you don’t need to worry of getting disapproved and bringing of credit cards. All you need to have is just an I.D with your address and you can now apply with Sun Easy Broadband 899. You may continue reading below for features and requirements on how to apply.

Sun Easy Broadband 899 Postpaid Plan
Sun Easy Broadband 899 Postpaid Plan (image by  Sun Cellular)

How to apply Sun Easy Broadband 899 and Features

1. All you need to do is to go to your nearest Sun Cellular Shop.
2. Bring Valid I.D with your name and address.
3. They will discuss to you about Sun Easy Broadband and fill up the forms provided.

Sun Easy Broadband 899 includes:

Monthly charge of 899 pesos
Unlimited Internet for 1 month
P888 cash out for modem (USB type) or P2888 cash out for Pocket Wifi
3 months lock in period

With Sun Easy Broadband 899, you can now enjoy unlimited internet as easy as the steps above.  As what they say "Sun Easy Broadband: The no frills, no strings attached Postpaid plan!".

Tips: Speed may vary depending on your network signal, 3G /HSDPA connection type has faster speed than GPRS/EDGE signal.  On your modem configuration do select 3G/UMTS preferred option if 3G is available on your area.