How To Change Number of Posts Displayed in Blogger Blog Home Page

If you want to modify the default number of post on your Blogger blog home page, you may follow these simple steps on how to do it. You can now set how many posts you want to display on your Blogger page, you can increase or decrease by just inputting the number of post you want. This options is located on you Blogger post and comment settings. You may follow the steps below on how to change the number of post shown on your main page.

Change Number of post on your Blogger home page

How to Change Number of post on your Blogger Home page

1. Login your Blogger account.
2. Click on your blog page.
3. On your Blog,  click on Settings.
4. Then click on Post and Comments
5. On Post section, look for ‘Show at most’
6. Input number of post you want to appear on your main page.
7. Click Save Settings.

  • Decreasing the number of post on you main page may help you in many ways.
  • Loading of your Blog home page takes a short time if you limit the post shown on your homepage.
  • More ads impressions as visitors may spend time navigating your posts from newer to older post.
  • Limiting the post in your homepage may also help your site looks like a pro as it is nice to browse and organized post.

That’s it. You may now test your new Blog posts settings of you Blogger blog.