How Chatwing Chat Software Enhances Traffic of Browser Gaming Blogs

Nowadays, it is a common occurrence to see ad banners that are related to browser-based games. In every website, these games would often attract players who want to feel the thrill of farming, city-building, and adventuring without leaving the safety of their homes. Browser-based games or BBGs, are important parts of the Internet and they have millions of subscribers worldwide. This gave way to the rise of BBG blogging, wherein players can share their tips and gaming experiences. Recently, Chatwing—a company that makes chat apps—has reached out to the BBG blogging community. Chatwing is offering a simple chat application that can enhance the traffic of any BBG blog.

Chatwing Chat Software

Chatwing Chat Software

Chatwing chatroom improves traffic in a very simple way—it creates synergy between the blog visitors and the blog owner. With this synergy, the blog owner will be able to know his visitors more, giving off a continuous stream of traffic in the long run. Chatwing also offers wide customization options for any registered admin. Different chatroom colors and sizes are available, along with some parameters such as word filter, login option selection, and many more. The admin can even add unlimited chat boxes for multiple blogs and websites.

Facebook users can also log in easily. This is effective for visitors who are looking for new friends in their respective games. Many Facebook game bloggers have also mentioned that they are using the Chatwing chatroom to find new ‘neighbors.’ These game neighbors will then provide gifts which are needed for progress. Through BBG blogs, players will be able to connect to the world easily.

Chatwing may be a simple application, but it is a long-term solution that can be utilized by BBG bloggers and their subscribers. Aside from BBG bloggers, web users from other niches can use the Chatwing app to fulfil various online goals.  (Guest post - Aaron of Chatwing)