Get Office 2013 Free Upgrade When You Buy Office 2010 -Limited Offer

Microsoft  offers buy Office 2010 now and get next version free, this is the latest promotion from Microsoft when you buy and activate your Office 2010 products from October 19, 2012 to April 30, 2013. You are eligible to download and install the next version of Microsoft Office when available if you avail Office 2012 on the given period.  Office products include Office Home and Student 201, Office Home and Business 2010, Office Professional 2010 and Office University 2010.

How to Avail and Get Free Office 2013?

1. Buy  and Activate Office
Purchase, install and activate MS Office 2010 from October 19, 2012 – April 30, 2013.

2. Sign up to receive an email reminder or notification
Just go here here.

3. Once you received the notification, download the new Office when it is available at

Microsoft  Office 2010 Price listed on their website:

Office Home and Student 2010

Price: $150.00 for up to 3 PC’s and $133.00 for 1 PC

Office Home and Business 2010

Price: $280.00 for up to 2 PC’s and $204.00 for 1 PC

Office Professional 2010

Price: $500.00 for up to 2 PC’s and $409.00 for 1 PC

You can also get a back up DVD for only $13.99, which will be delivered to you and a Language Pack for only $25 per language.