India’s Largest Business Organization FICCI choose Office 365 to Upgrade Email System

One of the newest customers of Microsoft is FICCI, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry India’s oldest and largest business organization.  FICCI evaluated top-hosted solutions from Google, IBM and Microsoft, they decided to choose Microsoft Office 365 to upgrade their current Reddiffmail server to achieved more stable platform in terms of service, security and platform.

 Office 365

Why Office 365 over Google Apps and IBM

Some key reasons in choosing Office 365 are compatibility of their current system setup, Active Directory synchronization, SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.9 percent, ease on setting up on the devices like Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone and Android platforms.

FICCI decided to deploy Microsoft Office 365 also for the reason that it will enhance users to virtual environment with Microsoft Lync. The migration to Office 365 will add more licenses on MS Exchange that benefits the organization. 

“We looked for ways to deliver cloud on our terms along with enterprise-class security, thereby reducing capex. Microsoft Office 365 emerged as a better fit with our overall IT strategy, as it is much more integrated and advanced than Google Apps and offers more of the functionality our employees need. Combined with the extended functionality in Lync Online, Office 365 offers much more enterprise value than Google.” (Rajiv Mishra, Additional Director & Head - IT, FICCI)

Enhancing enterprise collaboration makes Google Apps look outdated as Microsoft India General Manager says “Office 365 clearly makes Google Apps look outdated when it comes to enterprise-class security and delivering cloud on your terms.”


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