How to Setup Microsoft Exchange(Exchange ActiveSync) on HTC Explorer Android Phone

If you want to synchronize your mail from Microsoft Exchange to your Android smartphone (HTC Explorer), all you need to do is follow the few steps below. Accessing your mail anywhere on the go is very important if you have a hectic office to client schedule daily. Aside from accessing your email using your laptop, another best to way is to access it on your handy mobile phone. Instead of opening you mobile browser all you to do is setup Exchange ActiveSync to access your Outlook emails directly from you Android phone. Setting up Exchange ActiveSync makes it more hassle free on accessing, reading , sending replies and viewing attachments as if you are just creating a text message unlike opening it on your browser. You may see how to setup Microsoft Exchange of your Android phone below.

 Microsoft Exchange for your Android

Setup Microsoft Exchange(Exchange ActiveSync) on Android HTC Explorer

On Menu tap All Apps, go to Settings
Go to Wireless & networks, connect to Wi-Fi or connect to internet using Mobile network
Click Back once your connected.
On Settings, select Accounts & sync
Tap Add Account then select Exchange
Tap on Manual setup
Input correct details:
Email Address:
Server address:
Username: your.officeemail
Password: your emailpassword

Note: Make sure that you have a working internet connection before you can proceed to the next step.

Once all the details verified correct, click Next.
Wait while your settings is being verified.
On Exchange ActiveSync settings, select the data you want to synchronize (Mail, Contacts, Calendar)
On update schedule, you can change it according to your desired settings.
Click next, and then Name your created Account (you can name it like ‘Office Email’)
Next, on General settings check Mail, Contact and Calendar on Data and Synchronization.
Scroll down to Mail Settings.
You can set how many days to download past mails (ex. 3 days)
Or you may wish to include attachment, Mail size limit, Message Format, Folder to Sync and more.
All synchronization settings are found in this step, it’s up to you to edit or leave as default settings.

That's it, go to main menu then tap Mail and select your account to synchronize. Do remember also that if you change your password in your Outlook email, change also the password on your mobile phone to synchronize again all your recent mails.