How To Know or Check Trending Topics on Twitter

As we all know, Twitter is the best way to know the latest trends worldwide and on your local country.  You can now check daily, weekly and even in an hour on what are the latest trends on Twitter by just logging in your account.  Twitter really help to marketers and analyst in terms of searching the local trends and talk about both local and worldwide.  In addition, Twitter also is now being used to most business establishment in promoting their products and services aside from Facebook.

Trending Topics on Twitter

How To Know or Check Trending Topics on Twitter

1. To see what trending on your local state and worldwide all you need to do is:
2. Login your Twitter account, if you don’t have then go create an account here.
3. On the right side of your Twitter homepage you can see your  ‘Country, Worldwide Trends’
4. Below on that are the Twitter top 10 trending topics as of the time you logged in. Usually a 1 word that contains a # ‘hast-tag’.
5. You can also check on what’s trending ‘Worldwide’ by just checking the button ‘Change’ then select ‘Worldwide’, click Done for the change to take effect.

What is ‘Get tailored Trends’?

As per Twitter, it is a Trends tailored just for you. Tailored trends offer a unique way to get closer to what you care about based on your location and who you follow.

How to Search Trending Topics in Twitter?

You can simply search and see Twitter trending topics on Twitter Search page. Just type what trends or word you want search and Twitter will bring it up to you.

Other ways to search trending topics are using web application like ‘’ and ‘Monitter’ where you can see and load popular topics based on its category of trending topics.

n addition, talking about trending topics Google+ also has a Twitter like features which also displays the latest and trending topics on Google+ Community.