DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Android Phone With Wi-Fi For Only P2999

From DTC mobile Philippines, alocal mobile company here PH offers Android experience to all with their latest DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Android phone. Previously the released GT3 Astroid as their first entry to Android phone family, now they’ve got even more for us with this GT5 Astroid Plus. You may see initial specs below.

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Android
DTC Astroid Plus (image source: fbc.om/dtcmobileph)

DTC GT5 Astroid Plus Specifications

Full specs for now are not yet release but based on their Facebook page post it includes the following:

  • Android Gingerbread OS
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Messaging feature like Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, Youtube and Facebook

As this is their second Android phone out in the market (afaik), they should focus on making their phones more competitive with other local mobile company. DTC should equip their phones with a higher processor and memory making it a worth to buy phone. In terms of pricing, I think for P2999 on an Android phone with WiFi is already reasonable.

Well just wait for DTC Philippines to release the full specifications of this phone, or if you own this unit feel free to drop some comments and feedback on your experience of this phone.

For updates and new information about GT5 Astroid Plus just got DTC Philippines Facebook page.