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December 4, 2012

Airg Chat Login Url To Play Online Mobile Farming Game Bigbarnworld and More

Airg is one of the most popular mobile social networking site where you can chat with your online friends, play with their popular online farming game ‘Big  Barn  World’ and interact with foreign friends via comments, status and messages. Airg site is design for mobile phone access, just recently they lauched  the url for new Airg games like Bio Battle, Harvest Frenzy, Lettter Lab Drunken Treasures and of course the all time favorite Big Barn World.

List of Airg URL for PC or Computer

 At first, new Airg games were accessible only via touch screen smartphones but now you can play it using your desktop or PC by just directly typing the URL. Below is few list of Airg Url where you can login to play Big Barn World and other online games.

For Philippines Airg users, some are having problems accessing Airg games as they are redirected to the URL which only allows you to chat, comments, update status and few default games. Most users having this problem are coming or using Globe network, as a workaround you need to use a proxy for you to access Airg to play Bigbarnworld and other games. As an advice, using a web proxy to access Airg is not secure and may lead to unauthorized access of your account. Other option to access Airg when it redirect to is by using free VPN like HHS, Expat and more.

URL above has no access to Airg Chat rooms, if you want to play Big Barn World at the same time you want to access to chat rooms then you need to follow instructions on How To Access Airg Big Barn World on your PC. For Airg Chat smileys and emoticons you can see Airg VIP Chat Emoticons.

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