Parking My Blogger Blog To A Custom Domain

Few days ago, I park my Blogspot blog to a custom domain to improve my site traffic and to make more attractive in search engine results. Domain parking is one of my toughest decisions made due to some reported effects on your current traffic and site rank. Beside those negative effects, I still came up to my decision on parking it as I also want to experience and see the difference between using a Blogger sub domain than a blog parked to custom domain.
Custom Domain Parking Blogger

Parking  My Blogger Blog To A New Domain

Honestly, 50 percent of my traffic was loss as the result of my experiment on parking it to a custom domain. Just today I started setting up again all the needed steps for Google to index my old and new post. I’m hoping that after few weeks I could get back all my site traffic and go back to normal, but for now I’m still doing the necessary things needed by a webmaster using Google Webmasters Tools.

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Issues that I encountered after parking to a custom domain are traffic loss, duplicate content is being indexed, lost my authorship image on Google search results, old and new post is not indexed right before I publish my post, Google+1 post are gone and more. 

Beside those issues, I am still hopeful that I Google and other search engine will index just like before parking it to a new domain.