Change of Facebook Fan Page Name Options

After my busy weekdays, just today I spend a spare time opening my Facebook Fan Page. I decided to open my page after parking my blog to a custom domain few days ago. As part of blog changes I also want to edit my Facebook Fan Page Name to fit the title page to my new domain name. 

We all know that Facebook gives impact to our site in terms of social referral traffic.  Editing my page will promote more traffic and increase popularity on search engines pointing to my new setup custom domain. With my excitement I hurriedly edited my page information like description, website, about and page name.

Change Facebook Fan Page Name

Change of Facebook Fan Page Name

In the midst of updating the information on my Facebook Fan Page, I’m stuck on editing my Page Name. Upon trying to edit the page name field and clicking the help button I found out that editing page name option is only available if you page have fewer than 200 likes.  I feel sad as I failed to edit my page name as the page reached 1000+ likes.

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Also I read some post on other sites that there’s another option to edit Facebook page with more than 200 likes or large pages. The process of change of page name on large pages is a bit complicated as it some documentation as a proof to Facebook in granting your request. For now I will just settle on my current page name as I don’t want to do those required documents.