Squid Allow Access on Specific Websites Url Per Computer IP

This Squid proxy setup is useful if you want to allow specific websites like Facebook, Twitter and more to a certain computer IP. The Squid configuration below allows you to give access on restricted sites to a specific computer based on IP. 

I’am using is Squid 2.7 on Windows XP Professional and may also works on Windows 7, 8, 10 OS.
Squid Proxy Windows XP

Allow Websites Url Per Computer IP with Squid

1.You need to create a file named allowed_sites then list sites that you would want to allow access on specific IP.

# c:\squid\etc\allowed_sites

2.Create another file named allowed_ip then list the computer IP you want to allow access on allowed_sites.

# c:\squid\etc\allowed_ip

3. Modify the squid.conf to add the following.
# c:\squid\etc\squid.conf

acl allowed_domain dstdomain “c:\squid\etc\allowed_sites”

acl allowed_userip src “c:\squid\etc\allowed_ip”

http_access allow allowed_domain allowed_userip

3. Restart Squid on Services and your done!


  1. Anonymous4/11/2013

    what the file save format????


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