Nokia OVI Store Not Working Alternative and Tips

If you are having problem with your OVI store on your Nokia phone while you are trying to open the application and download free apps and more, this post may help you in a little way. Problems like “Unable to open this page. Check your connection or try again later”, stop opening or cannot open OVI store, cannot download any applications or games and other issues you encountered on OVI store.

How To Troubleshoot When your OVI store is Not Working

1. Update your OVI store with the latest version
2. Uninstall the pre-installed OVI store that is not working and re-install a new and updated version.
3. Consider doing a soft and hard reset on your mobile phone or restore factory settings. (Make sure to backup your files on doing hard reset as it will wipe all your phone data’s)
4. Check your internet connection when accessing OVI store.
5. Lastly, as an alternative for you to accessing OVI store just go to you default web browser and type