How To Safe Remove USB Device or Flash Drive on Windows 7

Safe remove hardware in windows 7 like USB or external HDD or other device is a good practice to avoid data loss and corruption. If you are a little bit confused with Windows 7 new interface and looking on to safe remove your usb device this post might help you. To safely remove usb device on windows 7 all you need to do is follow this simple steps below.
Safely Remove USB Device

Safe Remove USB Drive Device on Windows 7

1. On the lower right side of your Desktop or the Notification area icon, near the time and date click the arrow up icon.

2. A popup menu will display the list of devices.

3. Look for USB icon (with color green’check’ icon), point and click to that icon. (see image above)

4. Another menu will display the list of device name you want to remove, click on the device you want to eject. (see image below)
Windows 7 Icon Tray

5. After click eject on the device a Safe to Remove notification will appear, you can now safely remove you attached device.
Safe to Remove Notification

Safe remove is best way to care your external devices while being plugged to your computer or laptop. This can help reduce risk on damaging your drive files and other important documents.