How To Do A Print Screen Capture or Desktop Screenshot

Have you heard someone asking for screenshot on your desktop, computer or laptop? Most cases you heard this word if you are asking someone to help you figured out what’s going on with your computer screen. 

Most IT support prefers screenshot to know exactly the error they are trying to solve, screenshots directly tells the exact issue of a computer you are trying to troubleshoot. In office or business also screen capture or screenshot is mostly use and attached via email as a supporting details. This post helps you how to use Print screen (PrntScr) function.

Capture Screenshot

Screen Capture Desktop Screenshot Using Keyboard PrntScr

1. Press Print Screen (Prntscr)button on your keyboard to capture you current screen display.
2. Open MS Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste or you can also paste it on MS Office documents or directly attached on email message.  

Tips: You can use Ctrl + V to paste the captured print screen. Also take note that other keyboards may use Fn + Prntscr for you to capture screenshot.
3. You’re done, MS Paint helps you edit the portion of your captured screenshot before sending or saving it.