Steps on How To Hide Icon on Taskbar in Windows XP

Tips on how to hide and show an icon on the system tray or notification, you can use this tips if you don’t want someone knows what auto start application is running on your computer. Like for example, if you are using Torrent, Internet Download Manager and other software that appears on your notification area. You can decide to hide or show running quick launch icon on your system tray by following these simple steps.
Hide Icon onTaskbar

Hide Icon on Taskbar in Windows XP

Right click on your Taskbar then click Properties
Hide Icon on System Tray

1. Taskbar and Start Menu Properties will appear

2. On Notification area, click Customize button.

3. Customize notifications menu will display (see image below)
Hide Icon on Notification Area

4. You can see list of programs in current items field, look for the program you want to hide.

5. On Behavior field select the options on what you want to do with the selected program.

6. There are 3 options, Hide when inactive, Always hide and Always show.

7. Our purpose here is to hide so you can select either Hide when inactive or Always hide.

8. Once done selecting the option, click OK the Apply and click OK.

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That's it, your icon is hidden based on the selected notification behavior.