How To Hide Facebook Ticker Real Time News Feed

Some FB users may find  Ticker as annoying, if you want to hide Ticker or the real time news feeds activity on your Facebook account you may follow steps this few steps on how to hide it.  Ticker is located in the upper right, a box which contains friends recent activity, real time updates, likes, shares, comments, videos and links.

Hide Facebook Ticker Updates

Hide Facebook Ticker Real Time News Feed

1. Login to your Facebook, on the lower right side of your friends online list or chat bar you can see an arrow button to hide sidebar.
Hide Facebook Sidebar

2. Click hide side bar, once your done hiding the side bar Ticker will appear on the top right below your profile name.
Hide Facebook Ticker

3. You can now see an option to hide Ticker, to completely hide Ticker updates click hide Ticker.

4. That’s it, you’re done hiding real time updates from your friends.

If you want to hide Facebook Games and Apps notifications request go here.

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