How to Enable Telnet Command on Windows 7 and Vista

In Windows XP Telnet client is enabled by default but in newer Windows like Windows 7 and Vista Telnet is not enabled. To use Telnet in Windows 7/ Vista all you need to do is enable first the telnet client by following few steps below. Telnet command allows you to communicate to a remote computer that is also using Telnet protocol.
Telnet Help Windows 7

How to Enable Telnet in Windows 7/Vista

1. Click on Start then Control Panel
2. On Control Panel click on Programs
Telnet Windows 7

3. After clicking Programs, click Turn Windows feature on or off in Programs and Features

4. A Windows Features menu will pop up, scroll down and look for Telnet Client folder.
Telnet Windows 7

5. Mark check beside the Telnet Client folder to enable the feature.

6. Please wait while the Windows makes changes to features. It might take several minutes.

7. Once installed Windows Features menu will automatically closed.

8. Test Telnet feature on your Windows 7 /Vista to confirm if this feature is already enabled.

9. Go to Command Prompt by clicking Start>Run then or just press Windows key + R then type cmd.

10. On Command Prompt type telnet /?
If it displays Telnet helps it means it is already enabled. (see first image above)

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