How To Customize, Edit, Add and Delete Google Chrome Thumbnails Using Speed Dial

If you want to customize your Google Chrome most visited site thumbnails and have no idea on how to do it, this post might help you customize and edit thumbnails on your Google Chrome browser. Not like other browsers, speed dial is already installed where you can edit right away the page thumbnails of your most visited site on browsers tab. In Google Chrome, I manage to customize my most visited page using Speed Dial extension on Chrome web store.  

How to Customize Google Chrome Thumbnails Using Speed Dial

1. Just go to Chrome Web Store and Search for “Speed Dial” (see image above)
2. You may found few other speed dial extensions, in this post I use the Speed Dial from josorek (You may use or try other speed dial extensions that fits your taste)
3. Just hit the Add to Chrome button to install the Speed Dial Extension.
4. As simple as that you can now customize your speed dial thumbnails on your most visited site with Google Chrome.

Your Speed Dial for new tab may look like below image.

If you want to add URL and Title just click on the empty thumbnails number by 1,2,3,4…

Customize your Speed dial display by clicking the setting button on the upper right. (see image below)

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Using Speed Dial you can set your own desired URL to appear, title, thumbnails, logos, background image and theme.