How To Change Language in Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome is my favorite Web browser, as it does not need an administrator account to run and install. Aside from that, I found Google Chrome as fast and easy to use browser. In this post I’m going to show you how Google Chrome language settings works as what local language you prefer to use. 
Google Chrome Settings

How to Change Your Language in Google Chrome

1. Open your Google Chrome Browser
2. On the upper right of your Google Chrome Browser, click on square horizontal line or the customize and control (wrench icon before), or you may see image below.

Google Chrome Settings Wrench Icon

3. Click on Settings, on Settings menu on the bottom part of the page click Show advance settings.
Google Chrome Settings Advanced Settings

4. After clicking Show advance settings, scroll down and look for Languages.
5. Under Languages,  click Languages and spell-checker settings.
Google Chrome Languages

6. A pop-up windows will appear, click Add button to add new languages. (see image below)
Google Chrome Add Languages

7. On Add language, select Language you want to add by clicking the drop down list and click OK.
Google Chrome Add New Languages

8. The selected language will be added to Lanugauges menu. (Note:Uncheck spell checking if you are selecting language other than English)
Google Chrome Added New Languages

9. Click OK to close the Languages menu then restart Google Chrome for the changes to take effect.

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  1. I have been trying to change from Thai to English in Chrome. If EVERYTHING is in Thai in Google Settings, HOW IN THE WORLD can one do that if one does NOT know Thai???????



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