How To Change Google Browser Background Image

Aside from Google Doodle, you can change your Google homepage background image or wallpaper by selecting free public images. Just like Yahoo and Bing you can change Google background to add color when you are using your Google account while browsing and searching information over the web.

Change Google Homepage

How to Change your Google Background Image

1. Go to and login your Google Account
2. On the lower left corner of your GOogle homepage screen click "Change background image"
Change Google Background

3. A pop up Javascript menu will open, Select a background image for your Google Homepage
4. Choose images on Public gallery that you want to select as background or you can also use images on your Picassa Web photos.
Google Homepage Public Gallery

5. Click Select to take effect.

To Remove Google Homepage Background Image:

1. Repeat above step no. 2.
2. A pop up Javascript menu will open, click 'No background'
3. Click Select to take effect.

Note: This feature only takes effect if you are signed in on your Google account.

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