Globe and TM TAWAG236 Promo - No Registration Needed

Globe TAWAG236 is another popular promo from Globe which gives you an affordable rate for longer talk time to your friends and love ones. You can have 20 minutes call for only P20, no registration needed and you can avail this promo anytime you want. Tawag 236 is only available for Globe and TM, call to other networks will be charged on its regular rate.

Tawag 236

How to Use Tawag 236 Promo

To call just replace 0 to 236, (example: your friends mobile number is 09151234567, to avail TAWAG 236 all you need to do is replace 0 with 236 to make it 2369151234567)

Tawag236 is charged per call, charging only applies to that call and cannot be used for other calls.

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