F: Drive is Missing When Using USB and Lost other Drives like D: E: Etc.

I myself experience this problem, missing my drive F: is really a pain because every time you plugged a USB or other devices it will not automatically appear on My Computer. You need manually assign the drive letter on every device you plugged in which is not the usual way to do when plugging external device.  To solve this F drive missing problem or other drives like D: E: you may see steps on how I manage to solved and restore all the drives and back to normal process.

F: D: E: Drive is Missing When Using USB

First, you need to check if the drive exist or drive letter is not assigned in Disk Management.

1. Go to Start the right click on My Computer.
2. Click on Manage and look for Storage then click Disk Management
3. You will see all the active drives on your computer e.g  C: D: E: and F:

When plugging the USB or external device it automatically read as drive F: on most computers. If you cannot see Drive F: on My Computer and you can see it on Disk Management maybe that drive is temporarily disabled or you accidentally disabled it. For that you need to manually change the drive letter of your device to appear it on My Computer. 

To avoid doing it manually all you need to do is enable the F: Drive or the missing drive by following few steps below.

2. Run and install TweakUI.
3. Once done installing, open TweakUI and look for My Computer in tree list.
4. Click My Computer in the tree list to display the sub menu, click on Drives.
5. Clicking Drives will display all the computer drives from A: to Z:, look for F: drive then mark checked. (You may also check other drives you want to enable)
6. Click Apply and OK. That's it.