Counter Strike Go Release New Patch Update and Fixes

Been playing Counter Strike since my high school days and one of the most played game in the world. Recently Valve release their Counter Strike Go (Global Offensive) last August 2012 includes new maps like our favorite and most played mad de_dust, weapons and characters. 

Not just that as CS Go also introduce gameplay mode, matchmaking, leader boards plus a lot more which you had never been experienced on the previous version of CS.
Counter Strike Arms Monastery Map

Counter Strike Go Patch Updates and Fixes

Today’s update covers additional map Classic Vertigo and Arms Race Monastery (de_vertigo and ar_monastery), allowing us to choose more venue to play CS:Go though I’m not familiar with this map still a good update from Valve. Updates also include wide range fixes since the first release, overhaul of the matchmaking for Classic Competitive mode. 

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike Go updates is available now, you may watch Valve channel in Youtube for more updates and releases with their games. 


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    fuck! pls. give some link for non steam users.


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