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Smart Fastest 4G LTE USB Dongle Plan Pricing and Details

Smart introduces the first  SMART LTE ( Long Term Evolution) service here in Philippines, launched few weeks ago. We already saw there series of commercial ads on TV "Live faste…
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Smart introduces the first SMART LTE (Long Term Evolution) service here in Philippines, launched few weeks ago. We already saw there series of commercial ads on TV "Live faster.Live more". Downloads, gaming and watch your favorite videos online in 4G++ speed redefine your browsing experience with Smart. The question is how much? Is Smart LTE price plan P3500 is worth for you? Your frequency of usage will be monitored as they implement a 10GB caps limit. You can check Smart sites and other Smart LTE reviews if you are going to avail this plan.

Smart LTE Fastest 4G

If your also asking if this is available to all subscribers , the answer is not to all as is it only available on big cities in the country but they are expanding it to other region just check this website for the complete list of cities that offer LTE internet from Smart.

Smart 4G LTE Plan Details

Availing to Smart LTE also needs LTE capable device. Your phone must be capable for that frequency to enjoy the service. This service is not limited to mobile, you can use any LTE modem to connect to this type of connection just make sure it is available on your area. 

Here's what you get with SMART LTE Plan P3500:

  • Smart LTE dongle with speed up to 42Mbps 
  • 10GB of data
  • Expanded coverage in key cities around the Metro
  • Only P450/GB charging in excess of the 10GB
  • Also compatible with 2G/3G/HSPA/HSPA+ networks
  • 24 months lock in period
What do you think with SMART LTE Plan 3500? Is this worth to pay for P3500 with 10GB cap? Up to 42Mbps? Well let's just be thankful with SMART they brought to us this next generation wireless services.

Aside from postpaid, Smart now offer this service to all prepaid subscribers by using LTE SIM cards. Just visit your nearest Smart Store to avail and inquire about the details of this SIM.