What's Oppa Gangnam Style Dance Craze - Million Youtube Hits

Another dance craze hits over the internet and even around the world, Oppa Gangnam Style earns huge popularity by just few weeks as it hits to countries music chart. Maybe I’m late with this Oppa Gangnam Style craze but as what the saying said “better late than never” , and just realized that I already heard this dance hit song in Showtime(Philippines TV Show). 
So I searched the some videos on Youtube and watch the Oppa Gangnam Style which is popularized by PSY (Park Jae-Sang) Korean rapper. 
Oppa Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style Craze

I was amazed with over 115million hits on Youtube, I asked myself where am I during that time Oppa Gangnam Style?, lol!

You can watch the video again which gathered various reactions here.

“Gangnam Style” is a Korean language colloquialism that refers to a luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district. “Oppa”  Korean word means "a female's elder brother" (source)


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur0zRYnseU4&feature=share


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