What Is LTE - Short Information What 4G/LTE is About

What is LTE? As technology is fast evolving, from 3G now comes 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution).  LTE is a wireless broadband networks that deliver a high-speed internet with up to 42 Mbps, which is almost 10x faster than 3G speeds (depends on your network provider).

Just recently local network providers Globe and Smart announces their LTE service to let us experience wireless browsing as if we are connected to our home PC with hi-speed DSL. 

4G or LTE Wireless Network

LTE is marketed as 4G LTE (fourth generation technology) developed by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) to represents the next step of 3G. LTE makes mobile browsing speeds faster, download and stream videos with no delays bringing you a wired-link experience while you are on the go.

“The world's first publicly available LTE service was launched by TeliaSonera in Oslo and Stockholm on 14 December 2009.” (source)

While this LTE service is on demand nowadays, mobile manufacturers and providers are now adding LTE support along dongles and broadband services.