What You Can Get with Sun Blackberry Social Plan 600

If you’re a Blackberry user then this plan is for you. For only 600 pesos you almost had it all, from internet usage to calls and text service all in one Sun Cellular Plan. Get this best ever Blackberry Social Plan from Sun to get a phone plus the bundled network services. This is another worth to spend postpaid plan and a good choice of network.

This plan is called ‘Social’ as it gives you unlimited usage of selected social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and unli Blackberry Messenger Chat.  With your P600 you can make the most of your plan and worry less on its monthly billing. Another plus on this is the browse all you can internet usage using the Blackberry browser.

Sun Blackberry Social Plan 600

As you can see the image above, it illustrate what Social Plan 600 gives you against other network plan offers. You’ll get five boxes of Sun combos plus a Blackberry phone on top of it while the other girl on the opposite site only get two boxes plus a smartphone. 

Say Wow to Sun with BlackBerry Social Plan 600. You can enjoy Unlimited BBM, Unlimited Facebook, Twitter, Unlimited access to BlackBerry Browser, Unlimited Sun Calls ans Texts powered by Sun Cellular.

Stay connected and get the latest Blackberry Plan from Sun Cellular by calling Sun hotline and visiting their website for the latest updates.