Shimi The Ipod & Iphone Robot Dj Who Plays Your Favorite Music

Just watch this robot named “Shimi”  from the news today, I was amazed how this musical robot for IPhone and Ipod makes you groove, dance or even rock you by just docking you IPod on this robot dock and request for a song thru verbal request, like for example “play Guns N Roses”. 

It can also detect clapping sounds and find the matching beats then Shimi will play it for you. Also Shimi can moves his head wiggle to beat of the sound while playing. 
Shimi Robot for IPod and IPhone

Shimi The iPod and iPhone Robot Player

If you like robots and music, well Shimi is a good choice for you to be with. For me it is cool to have this kind of musically intelligent toy robot that can relieve stress after your work-loaded day but I don’t think I can afford to buy it for myself.  

This toy may be for those who can afford to buy an iOS device who wants to be creative in playing their favorite music using this music player.


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