List of Samsung Champ Mobile Secret Codes

Useful Samsung Champ secret codes and cheat codes that you can use on your mobile. You can easily troubleshoot and access Samsung Champ shortcuts by just dialing this secret cheat codes. Samsung champ codes also useful in installing Samsung champ games and themes which is downloadable over the net as some users reported some java error problem.

Samsung Champ Secret Codes

1. How to Install Games when error encountered - to solve "Download Unavailable. Downloaded JAR are Invalid” just follow this post here.

2.  Memory Test and OTA Test – just dial *#52828378# to test and change your java settings to install Samsung champ games and to solve Download Unavailable. Downloaded JAR are Invalid issue.

3.  How to Reformat  your Samsung Champ – just dial  *2767*3855# a Hard Reset or Full reset code  (Before doing this make sure to back all data’s on your phone, all will be wipe after doing this)

4. How to your IMEI or serial Number – just dial *#06# to display IMEI of your Samsung Champ phone.

5. How to test Bluetooth – just dial *#288378# to test your phone Bluetooth

6. How to Access FM menu – just dial *#368378#

Other codes that may work on your Samsung Phones:

*#638378# - Access File Menu
*#2769737# -  Browser menu
*#9998*228# - Check battery Status
*#9999# - displays software version
*#7780# - Reset factory settings
*#12580*369# - Phone software and hardware information

Credits to original discoverer of these Samsung Champ code. Note, try this at your own risk.


  1. What is the ota test code for samsung champ delux duos gt c3312 please.....send me to

  2. if you do the reformat process, thus this means that the virus also gone? I think that my phone have a virus that's why i'm trying to find some alternative on how to reformat the software.

  3. what if it is being reseted ? does it have possibilities to recover the internal memory's photos?

  4. What is the OTA test code for Samsung Champ Duos GT-E2652 .. plz send me to Thanks

  5. hi, sir.
    how to start wi-fi in my samsung champ mobile
    pls. sir.
    tell me.

  6. Why have I not pitch so anything when dial * # 52828378 # .

    My HP is samsung gt E2652W


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