Samsung Champ Games Download and Install JAR are Invalid

Installing free games and application on your Samsung Champ C3300K, after downloading 100% you gets error "Download Unavailable. Downloaded JAR are Invalid" while pre-installed Samsung Champ Games are working well. This is the most common problem encountered when you are try to download and install games on your Samsung Champ.

Solution on Downloaded JAR are Invalid

Steps you can use to troubleshoot the download JAR file issue on your Samsung Champ phone.

  1. To solve this problem just dial *#52828378#
  2. Go to OTA test 
  3. Then change Maximum Jar size field value
  4. Set it to higher than 500, you input 5000 and save it. 
  5. After that go to memory test and change java heap to 1700 
  6. Then change also MIDP heap to 2000 and save.

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  1. i cant change my max jar size

  2. It still goes that way. I mean, the "Downloaded JAR are invalid" message still appears.

  3. Anonymous3/30/2013

    not working ....hepl

  4. me too.. i tried almost any would be solutions i find in the internet and still got the same problem...

  5. Anonymous1/03/2014

    thx dude, its work !!!!

  6. Anonymous4/11/2014

    after typing code my phone dont open any settings it says not done............

  7. Anonymous11/06/2014

    its useless!!! i hate this phone!


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