iPhone 5 New Features - Design, Chipset, OS and Camera

Just today I read the news and updates at Apple site that iPhone 5 reaches more than 2 million pre-ordered units after 24 hours since the iPhone 5 is out and available in the market. Here’s a glimpsed of some new features of iPhone 5. For more iPhone 5 photos and design you can check at Apple site.
Iphone 5 New Features

iPhone 5 New Features and Spefications

Design and Look:
Height: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm) – Taller from 3.5 before, with 4-inch Retina display
Depth: 0.30 inch (7.6 mm) – Thinner from 0.37 before
Weight: 3.95 ounces (112 grams) - Lighter in terms of weight
Cellular and Wireless: Support 4G LTE networks (makes your wireless ultrafast)
3 Microphones (Bottom, Front and Rear side)

Now with Apple A6 chip in iOS6, which is faster and smaller than A5 chip.

iOS6 , share pictures via iCloud’s Shared Photo Streams with iPhone 5.

8MP iSight camera 3264×2448 pixels and secondary camera now with 720p HD.

Battery Life:
8 hours on 3G talk time
8 hours on 3G browsing
8 hours on LTE browsing
10 hours on Wi-Fi browsing
10 hours of video playback
40 hours of music playback
Standby time is up to 225 hours


  1. I have had AT&T for about 10 months now, and plan on buying the iPhone 5. Gonna get the 16GB model. How much will the ETF+iPhone 5, and a new contract cost all together?
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  2. With the introduction of Lightning, its new proprietary connector, Apple has at a stroke rendered obsolete many millions of accessories that are compatible with the 30-pin dock connector first introduced with the iPad. Additional Info


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