IPhone 4 Auto Rotate Not Working With Circle Icon On Top Screen

If your Iphone auto rotate is not working, maybe you'd disable the auto rotate function on it. When you see a circle icon on top right of your iPhone screen, it indicates that your auto rotate is locked or accidentally disabled. My office mate encountered this issue and I manage to solved by doing the steps below.

How to Enable Auto Rotate Circle Icon

Simple follow the steps to restore the auto rotate function on your iPhone and remove the circle icon located on top of your device home screen.

  1.  Double tap your iPhone Home button to see iPhone task bar.
  2. On your iPhone task bar you'll see running apps including (previous, play and next button)
  3. Swipe going right until you reach (previous, play and next button), the last icon on the left of (previous music player button) you will see a circular arrow with padlock inside.
  4. Tap that icon to enable and disable your iPhone 4 auto rotate feature.

To check if the auto rotate is enable or disabled, you may look at your iPhone home screen near the iPhone battery level icon.