How To Transfer Windows 7 DVD Installer To USB Bootable

You can transfer Windows 7 operating system to your USB for easier and more portable way of installing it to your laptop or PC.
Transfer Windows 7 to Usb, you  want to install Windows 7 or 8 to your netbook that has no DVD or CD drive. Using usb drive you can now easily install your Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 to your computer in just a few minutes. All your need to do use Wintoflash to copy from Windows 7 DVD to your USB drive. 

Create Bootable Windows 7 DVD to USB

How to Transfer Windows 7 Installer to USB using WintoFlash

With WintoFlash all you need to do is mount your Windows 7 DVD and transfer it to your USB drive with at least 4GB  capacity.

In just a few minutes you can  transfer your Windows 7 DVD to Usb based installer.  Very simple and easy to use, tried this method using Windows XP OS to transfer my Windows 7 DVD installer to USB drive for almost 15 minutes. I think speed and time may vary on your hardware specifications.

Copy Windows 7 DVD to USB Bootable
Windows 7 DVD to USB Bootable
Other things Wintoflash can do.

Feel free to post comments if you already tried using Wintoflash to create a USB based installer. Or you may your other software listed in HERE.