How To Know and Detect If .exe File Is A Virus by Using Software

Of all those .exe files running on our PC we can’t figure out right away if these are virus, spyware or malware. Only we can notice is that our computer is running slow and some applications are not functioning as it used to be. To check if there are suspicious .exe files running on your computer I would suggest you to used this free software to diagnose your PC.
Virus Search

Software You can use to Scan and Detect your EXE File

This are few of the softwares found online that you can use to detect and scan your exe file before running it to your computer. Using this tools you are alerted not to install if the file is detected as malware, adware or virus.

  1. Malwarebytes
  2. Window Scanner
  3. Spybot S&D
  4. Ad Aware

You can try running one of the software above to see if your computer is infected by a virus. If the software above detects virus, you can immediately remove and delete those files.

Next is we want to determine if there are other suspicious .exe files running on our computer, you can use Process Explorer to investigate deeply the running executable file. Using Process Explore you can check suspicious exe files and dll's associated with Microsoft, if you have doubt about certain exe file you can search online by pressing Ctrl+M.