How to Have Facebook Top Commenter Star Badge

Been busy with Facebook last week and  just found out this great feature which gives you a badge or a ‘start’ plus ‘Top Commenter’ word beside your Facebook post.  It’s cool to have a star icon status on every comment you post, it gains respect and of course it motivates you to post comment with sense so that other people will ‘like’ it.  

If you are influenced with social media, Facebook Top Commenter will be a step for you to gain respect with your social friends not just in Facebook.
Facebook Top Commenter

How to Become Facebook Top Commenter

1. To gain “Top Commenter” title and a ‘Star’ all you have to do is comment with sense and quality that leads other people to like your post.
2. Just keep posting comments, the more comments with sense and quality the easier and faster for you to gain the title, but of course your post must be liked by others.
3. Avoid posting spam comments.

You may now start posting comments!