Boost Your Windows RAM Speed and Clean Using Notepad

Cleaning your Windows 7, XP RAM's non-active stored data may help speed up your PC process speed. Following the how to steps below will help you clean up your computer RAM. This step is helpful after cleaning up your PC with the unwanted and old files you already deleted.
RAM Random Access Memory

Clean and Speed Up Your RAM using Notepad

A quick tip you can use to speed up and clean your computer RAM using Windows Notepad. Just type and follow the steps provided below for your reference.

1. Open Notepad, (For Windows XP, click Start>All Programs>Accessories then look for Notepad and for Windows 7 you may press Windows key on your Keyboard + R and type notepad)

2. On Notepad, type FreeMem=Space(64000000) 

3. Save it to your Desktop or anywhere you like,file extension should be .vbs (ex. FreeRam.vbs)

4. Just double click the created .vbs file if you want to clean or clear you RAM in just a blink.

You can also use other tools or software online to cleanup not just your RAM but the whole PC including cache, temporary files and unused registry entry.