Apple's teases the next iPhone, Are you Expecting for iPhone 5?

Most of us now are excited about the widely expected next Apple Iphone. I know you already heard and read rumors around the net on its release date. I'd also read the article from iMore previously about these special event from Apple that will going to happen Wednesday next week, dated September 12, 2012 and now the event is official.
Apple Iphone 5 Next Iphone?

Expecting for the New iPhone 5

There is no exact details but the invite image says "It's almost here." and comes with its shadow reflection of number '5'. Expect more about Iphone 5 or expect what  is behind on that shadow number '5' and reserved your excitement next week. 

Apple fans are waiting for this latest release to see what this new phone can give and what users can get. This is surely an iPhone 5, aside from the rumors over the web the teaser photo also speaks that it’s a number 5 version of iPhone. 

So expect that this new Apple handset has something to do with number 5. Another thing to watch out for is the price of this phone, hopefully this will came out at sell with affordable price tag. Source