Vodafone Live GPRS MMS 3G Settings

I've been searching for Vodafone India GPRS 3G MMS settings and found a lot of results in Google so I decided to write this topic on my blog. I have many Indian friends on my social network account asking for 3G GPRS settings so I'm writing here how to configure manual settings on your phone.
Vodafone 3G MMS

Activate Vodafone GPRS 3G MMS Settings

Postpaid customers: sms ACT VL to 111 (toll free).
Mumbai customers need to sms ACT VLZERO to 111 (toll free)
Prepaid customers: sms ACT VL to 144 (toll free).

Request GPRS 3G MMS Settings in case your didn't receive settings:

Just type VL and send to 52586

Vodafone Live Manual GPRS 3G Settings for Nokia:
This settings will work in almost all Nokia S60 and S40 phones.
1. Go to Menu>Settings>Connectivity>Destinations
Add New Access Point>Automatically check for available access points?>No
Select Access Point>Select Packet Data
2. Packet Data access point name: Type Vodafone Live or Any name your prefer
Select Destination>Select Internet
3.Go back to Settings>Connectivity>Destinations
In Internet destination look for "Vodafone Live" you created earlier and follow the settings below.

After doing above, here the Manual configuration settings:

Connection name: Vodafone Live
Data Bearer: Packet Data
Access Point Name: portalnmms
Username: blank
Prompt password: blank
Password: no
Authentication: non secure
Homepage: http://live.vodafone.in
Use access point:
Go to Options>Advanced settings>
Proxy Server Address:
Port: 9401

Click Back 3x and your done.

To set up manual settings for Vodafone MMS (Sony Ericsson)
To manually set up MMS on your phone, follow these simple steps:
1. Go to Menu > Connectivity > Data Communication > Data Accounts
2.  Now choose New Account and select Account Type as GPRS data
3.  Enter New Account as Vodafone live
4.  Then fill up the fields below
APN: portalnmms
Password :blank
5.  Now go to Messaging and select Settings
6.  Go to Picture messages and select Internet profiles
7.  Select New profile and enter the following details:
Name: Vodafone MMS
Connect Using: Vodafone MMS
IP address:
Username: blank
Password :blank
8.  Now click on Save
9. Now return back to Picture Messages menu
10.  Enter the Message Server Address: http://mms1.live.vodafone.in/mms/

That's it. You can also call their hotline request for assistance on enable this settings on your phone.


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