Recover and Restore Accidentally Deleted Unread Mail Folder in MS Outlook 2007 2003

If you accidentally deleted your unread mail folder in Outlook 2003 and 2007, you don't need to worry as its not the real folder. You can restore or recover the folder as it a search context only. We can easily recover the folder and place it back it where you wanted by follow few steps provided below.

Unread Mail Search Folder

Restore or Recover the Deleted Unread Mail folder

On your Outlook:

Go to File point to New, then select Search Folder

A dialog box will pop up, point to Unread Mail then click OK

Unread Mail Folder

In your Mail Window Pane section you can now see Unread Mail Folder under Search Folders.

Drag Unread Mail

If you wish to put it on Favorite Folders you can just drag and drop the Unread mail folder to Favorite folder pane.


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