Tips and Solution for Users Experciencing Laptop Touchpad Not Working

If your having problem with your laptop touch pad, suddenly it stopped working. I'm posting here some simple tips that may help you troubleshoot by yourself. Most cases are sofware related or you accidentally disable or lock the scrolling on your touchpad.

Touchpad not Working

In my case, I had experienced that some users using their laptop accidentally press the combination of function that causes the touchpad to locked or disabled. Users are not aware that the already press the shorcut button and started to panic why the touchpad button is not functioning anymore. Before reading the below tips I would also advise users to read laptop manuals to head you save money for repair service fee.

 Tips to Fix your Laptop Touchpad Not Working

1. Outdated driver.

There could be instances where the touchpad drivers are either outdated, or some files have been corrupted because of a possible virus attack. Also, if you have upgraded your computer's operating system recently (to Windows 7), the existing drivers might not work properly.


You need to install the latest drivers for your touchpad. These drivers are usually available on the official website of the laptop manufacturer.  It is always recommended to download the drivers from the laptop manufacturer's website for your specific laptop, as the specifications of each model are bound to differ.

2. Accidentally disable or locked.

This usually happens when your touch pad stop working on user account and works fine on Admin or Guest account. You may accidentally disable the touch pad key on your laptop, as some laptops have function keys to disable and enable it.


You could try holding down the 'Fn' + 'F7' or  'Fn' + 'F3'  keys to resolve this issue. Do keep in mind though this may not work on all laptops. By just looking on all the functions icon from F1-F12 you can check what combination to press in enabling and disabling your touch pad.

If none of these methods work, you could either spend a few bucks to get the touchpad fixed or do drop a comments in here to let me or someone help you.