How To Remove Paragraph Symbol Character in Outlook New Message

When your typing a new message or replying,and your seeing this annoying characters ( ¶ ) problem in your Microsoft Outlook. Here how to turn off or remove the paragraph character when creating or replying a message.

Paragraph Character in Outlook

This paragraph icon unexpectedly appears when your typing a message which causes difficulty when composing a message. It happens when you presses some combination on your keyboard when your typing fast. 

Remove Paragraph Symbol Character in Outlook

In order for you to avoid this situation you can you can check the steps below for you to turn-off this symbol while creating a paragraph on your email.

How to No. 1:

By just pressing pressing Ctrl+Shift+8 it will remove the unwanted paragraph character.

How to No. 2:

On your new mail message window, click the MS Office button.

Editor Options in Outlook
Click Editor Options.

Untick Paragraph Character Outlook

Click on Display the Uncheck Paragraph Marks.

Click OK and your done.

I'm encounter this problem in Microsoft Outlook 2007 so I uses this version of Outlook on the work through above. I'm not sure if this happen on other version of Outlook, you may check the above options in case you are facing the same issue with newer versions.