How to Hard Reset Nokia 5800 5530 X6 Codes and Steps

I was one a S60v5 user (Nokia 5530 Express Music), every time I got trouble on my phone or installed suspicious apps I usually did a reset to refresh and clean those recently used app. Perform a reset is just easy but the risk in here is that you need to configure and reinstall again all your previous installed apps and games as the device will restore to each default settings.

Do note that their are 2 kinds of reset for this handset version, first is the soft reset. This step will restore back your phone to factory settings or the settings when you first buy the phone on mobile store. You don't need to worry much on this steps as this won't erase you contacts and other files but I strongly advise you to back up all your files every time you tackle about phone reset.

Hard and Soft Reset Nokia 5800 5530 X6 Steps

Second is the hard reset, this will totally wipe all your data in memory cards, phone memory, settings and contacts so I strongly advise you once again to back up first before doing anything stupid about resetting your mobile phone. The are software you can use to help you in back up process like Nokia PC Suite. Just use PC for you to be able to benefit that software.

Hard reset and soft reset your S60v5 Nokia phone like 5800, 5530, X6, 5230, 5233 N97 etc. by following the steps and tips below. If you're having problems with your phone and want to reformat just try this quick steps below.

Note: It will formats your phone memory so make sure to back all your needed data before doing the hard reset. Do it at your own risk.

For Hard Reset:

By pressing Green Key + Red Key + Camera Key and  Switch On Button 'til your device starts up.

For Soft Reset:

In this method your phone default settings will be restored. Just dial this code *#7780# and enter your Security code(Default Code 12345)

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