Enjoy Globe Unli Facebook Twitter and Multiply for only 20 pesos

Globe bundles you favorite social networking sites with their SOCIAL20 promo. Not just Facebook, this time you have Multiply and Twitter unlimited access for only 20 pesos. Great right? You can go far from FB friends for about 24 hours.

Globe Unli Facebook SOCIAL20
If you have friend in Twitter you can now tweet them too with this SOCIAL 20 promo, you can also get the latest trend and news in your area or for our country. You do have an option also to sync your tweets to Facebook so that every time you update on your Twitter it will automatically feed as your FB status also. To do that just go to your Twitter settings and look for that options.

For Multiply, this is quite good for shoppers as it now serves products unlike before on its first availability. If you still manage to open your Multiply account you use to update your account by registering this SOCIAL 20 promo. Registration is just easy, just load up your SIM with regular load on your nearest loading station then text the promo code and your good to go after receiveng the confirmation.

Globe Unli Facebook Twitter and Multiply

Here's the advisory I received from Globe:

"Get UNLI Facebook PLUS Twitter & Multiply for only P20. To register text SOCIAL20 to 8888." Enjoy Globe unli Facebook, Twitter and Multiply with latest offer from Globe. You can now have unli Facebook on your mobile, plus unlisurf on Facebook, Twitter and Multiply for only P20.

We can now expand and stay always on the loop with our favorite social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and Multiply.

For only P20 you can now enjoy your social networking experience with Globe's latest promo SOCIAL20. For more details on Surf20 bundles just text GO20 to 8888 thats FREE.

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