How to Register Globe SUPER25G Promo Unli Call and Text for 25 pesos

Globe offers another promo that is now on beta or testing phase, this will only available on selected subscribers who received an invitation to try and register this SUPER25G promo. Some other Globe users also notice that this promo is also filtered on selected areas or cities within hte country.

In my case, I received this invitation or text message from Globe SUPER25G in Pasay City area. I am suing a dual SIM phone, which both uses Globe network, and only one SIM received the invitation to register SUPER25G promo. Clearly means that this promo is only for lucky chosen users who are invited by Globe system.

To make sure that this is only for invited users, I tried texting the code on my ohter Globe number that doesn't receive a notification. After texting, the code Globe replied somthing that tells that there is wrong with the code and not valid. That clears my doubt about this promo, so if you are lucky to receive that notification you can register using the code provided below.

Globe SUPER25G Promo 

Globe exclusive SuperUnli, pay only P25 you can now enjoy unlimited call and text to Globe/TM valid for 1 day.

To Register: 

  • Just text SUPER25G and send to 8888

This promo is only available to a selected test group. To register just text SUPER25G and send to 8888. If you received the SUPER25G Globe advisory you're lucky to enroll this exclusive SuperUnli promo brought you by Globe. Another way to avail one day unlimited call and text to Globe/TM, see How To Register Globe Super Unli Promo.