Boot Fast Windows 7 Speed - No GUI Boot Option

Here's how to speed up Windows 7 boot up by simply following a few steps. If your experiencing a slow boot up on your laptop or desktop this steps may help you increase its speed with a little faster than it used to be. In just a few click you r startup configuration you can achieved speed increase when booting up your Windows 7 laptop or desktop.

Boot Fast Your Windows 7 with NO GUI on Start Up

1. Press Windows key + R on your keyboard
2. Type msconfig
3. Look for Boot on Tab Menu
4. On Boot Menu check "No GUI boot"

By checking that option you can reduce the waiting time during Windows boot up. You will now notice the increase of speed during boot up of your desktop or laptop.

After doing the above steps, restart your computer and observe the boot up process. In case no changes you can revert back this options by following the same steps above. Uncheck the No GUI boot then restart.